Belgium: a transporter builds a hotel for its drivers

A Belgian transporter - Van Moer Logistics, with 1,200 employees in three countries - is building a hotel for drivers.The establishment will be located in Kapellebrug in the Netherlands and will open next February.Van Moer Logistics has 430 drivers, of which 73 are foreigners.The hotel must allow the company to meet the obligations of the mobility package.

The Mobility package, adopted in early July by the European Union, prohibits road drivers from taking their weekly break in their vehicle, prompting Jo Van Moer, the owner of the Belgian transport company Van Moer Logistics, whose The head office is in Zwijndrecht, to be transformed into a hotelier.Its establishment, the Reynaert hotel, is due to open in February 2021 in Kapellebrug, on the Belgian-Dutch border, on the Netherlands side.It will primarily welcome foreign drivers but will also be open to nearby port workers, and even tourists.

Decent accommodation with sanitary facilities near the car park

The establishment will include a restaurant, open from 6 10 p.m."Belgian beers will not be lacking on the menu," assures the future boss.Van Moer Logistics employs 1,200 people in three countries, including 430 drivers.they, 73 are not of Belgian nationality.

Since the entry into force of the first part of the Mobility package at the end of August, European carriers have been required to assure their drivers that they will spend the 45 hours of their weekly rest outside their cab.must provide them with decent accommodation equipped with sanitary facilities and cover accommodation costs.The accommodation must be near the car park where the driver's vehicle is parked.

Posted Date: 2020-10-09

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